[really] learn to trade options

Are you interested in really learning about options and how to trade them? Check out “Option Trading Kung Fu” or “The Biotech Trader Handbook, second edition.”

I wrote these books with one goal in mind: to make both learning about and trading options easier and faster. Don’t waste your time with complex books written by “non-trading” academics. My books are simple, practical and fast paced – I purposely wrote them from a trader’s perspective. The books are filled with detailed examples and in-depth descriptions that teach option trading as it is actually experienced.

I am of course biased but if you are new to options I highly recommend either one of my two books. You can learn more about them by clicking on the links below.

Here is what others are saying:

“First off, if I may gush briefly: I loved The Biotech Trader Handbook, second edition! If I had to throw away all but a handful of trading books, I’d keep that one along with a few Market Wizards books.” Vishal S.

“I am new to options trading and this book (Option Trading Kung Fu) has really helped me understand the fundamentals, giving me the confidence to use options as part of my investing strategy. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to trade options.” Nam C.

“Mr. Pelz has written a fast paced guide to understanding confusing world of Biotech and the very confusing world of options. He takes you step by step through the process of evaluating a company, as well as the pitfalls of trading with options and how to avoid them. He includes several real world examples, and finally, provides information on available current internet resources and the use of social media like twitter in trading.” VoraciousReader

“Active small cap bio stocks trader for years myself, I became 100% better after reading Tony's work.” Junkbondtrades

“Both are awesome books. Have two of each. One at my office and the other at home.” Preston G.

The Biotech Trader Handbook, 2nd Edition

"A fast, simplified & efficient guide to potentially generate outsized returns in biotech using options."

Option Trading Kung Fu, 1st Edition

"A trader's guide to tactics and strategies for profitable option trading."

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